Roller Shades


uniquely versatile

LevolorĀ® Roller Shades are as versatile as they are functional. Fabrics and screens, from sheer to light-blocking, offer a wide range of light and privacy control options. Woven and natural textures lend an organic, elemental edge to this simple style.

How to Measure Roller Shades


Measuring for Inside Mount Roller Shades

1. To find width: Measure exact distance between inside surfaces of window frame at the top, middle, and bottom, and use the narrowest width.
2. To find height: Measure exact distance from inside surface at top of window to sill. If you prefer shade not to touch sill, deduct 1/4″. If there is no sill, measure height to point where shade is to reach.
3. To install the product flush with the window frame, a minimum window depth of 3″ is required.


Tip-to-Tip Measure is the common measure type for most roller shades. Choosing this measure type will include the headrail “pegs” that mount the shade to the wall or frame.

For Outside Mount Roller Shades

1. To find width: Measure exact distance between the outermost points where the shade is to be placed. This measurement should overlap each side of window frame by at least 1-1/2″. Factory makes no deduction from your shade width dimensions.
2. To find height: Measure exact distance from where top of shade will be located to top of sill. If there is no sill or if shade is to overlap window frame, measure to point shade is to reach.


Cloth Measure is uncommon and should only be used for Outside Frame applications. The headrail is wider than the cloth of the shade which causes the “pegs” to extend beyond the width of the shade material. This total distance is 1-3/8″ wide, or a gap of 11/16″ on each side of the shade material.

Allow some Overlap

For outside mount applications allow the blind to overlap 1 1/2″ to 3″ on the sides, top and bottom of the window.

You must add the overlap to your measurement; Levolor does not add width or height for overlap on Outside Mounted shades.




Installation Instructions

Roller Shade – Standard Installation Instructions
Roller Shade Installation in English
Roller Shade Installation in French