Moodscapes Cellular Shades


Key Features

  • Made of smooth woven polyester, our fabrics are extremely durable, anti-static and repel dust.
  • Elegant, seamless beauty-concealed rout holes and cords provide a clean, sleek look.
  • Most fabrics have white colour on the backside for uniform exterior appearance.
  • Available in sheer, semi-sheer, translucent and room darkening.
  • Single cell shades available in 3/8?, 1/2?, 3/4?, and 9/16?.
  • Double cell shades available in 1/2?.
  • Hi-Rise System – The continuous cord loop system.
  • Cordless shades – This optional feature has a hidden control system which enables shades to be easily raised or lowered with the touch of a finger.
  • Child Safety Kit – Every blind comes with a cord cleat and screw which can be installed on the wall to prevent puddling cords.
  • Cellular construction provides energy efficient insulation and blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, with most of our fabrics.
  • Cellular Vertical Application – available in ¾” single cell fabrics.


  • Cafe Style Shades – Shade lowers from the top down and also the conventional way, from the bottom up. Also available in cordless.
  • Daytime/Nighttime – Combines two fabrics in the same shade for function, beauty and total versatility (Sheer fabric by day, room darkening fabric by night).
  • Other specialties include: arch, half circle, octagon, angle, skylights and automation.

Care & Maintenance

Maintenance is very simple – dusting or light vacuuming is all that is required



Moodscapes Cellular Vertical Application

The Moodscapes® Cellular Vertical Application by Shade-O-Matic uniquely combines the soft glow of sheer fabric with the convenient movement of vertical blinds. It’s a stylish and flexible way to illuminate your space. They fit vertically in rectangular windows and door openings, and with the 3/4? single cell size, you can create a totally coordinated look with other cellular shades in your home.

Key Features

  • Available in selected 3/4? single cell patterns.
  • They’re perfect for large windows and door openings up to 14? in width and 8? in height.
  • Since they can be moved from side to side, these shades are ideal for sliding glass doors or French doors, and work well as a room divider.
  • Energy efficient, durable and easy to maintain.
  • Four fabric stacking options: left stack, right stack, centre opening (split draw), and inward stack.